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Carol G

Nice blues and my stash is sadly lacking this color but since I won the last giveaway, count me out.

Etty Robinson

I could always use blue with 9 grandsons. Not to worry if I don't win. I already won a fantastic giveaway before so I don't expect to win. My gift was greatly appreciated.


I always can use blues! So sweet of you! thanks!

joni beach

Beautiful blues!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali so happy to have you visit...come again anytime. My Best, joni


That's fabulous. These blues are gorgeous and for sure I can use some for my Blocks.


Blues are my favorites!! Thanks for your generosity... you are so sweet!!


You bet I can use these!! Thanks for the chance!!


I was just thinking that I have far too many browns in my stash and not enough color!

Shifra Goldenson

Blues would perfect. My daughter just gave birth this morning to a baby boy. She already put in a request for a quilt. I really like the musical fabric. It's a reminder of my former life as once upon a time, I got a degree in music.

Dianne Hall

Blues are so versatile. They mix with most everything. Would love to have the chance to mix and match with them. Thanks for the great giveaway!!


Oh, count me in! Blue is my favorite color(s).

Denise Cheke

As a newbie quilter I would love to win these blues to add to my very small stash. Thanks for the chance to win!


Wow love the blues! What a great giveaway. Thanks!


Beautiful blues! The fabric on the top is gorgeous. Thanks for counting me in, Ali.

Michelle Young

I love these fabrics! They are so rich and vibrant, and I don't have any of them in my stash, so they would be a great addition! Thank you.

renee smith

all the fabrics are beautiful. would love to add them to my stash.
Renee Smith


Lovely fabrics! Thanks for the chance. :)

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