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Etty Robinson

I understand that you are moving this, but it is a large work space. That's hard to find here in these tiny Israeli apartments. Enjoy your new space.


Yes, Etty, that's for sure! The same is true--small spaces, expensive square footage-- in Beijing, too. It's different here in the country, and especially as we enter the second recession dip. Although New Hampshire has weathered the recession better than most states--in terms of foreclosures, poverty, and unemployment--it has still really felt the downturn over the past years. There is an abundance of unfinished or semi-finished studio-type space (note the stained, old raw plywood floors) that is not only very reasonable, but often unrented month after month. Much of the time I work in the China apartment or my country home in nearby Marlborough when I'm in the states. I teach out of my studio space, so room is needed for classes--both stitching as well as writing groups I facilitate. This is a business as well as a passion. The space is a luxury, to be sure, and one of the benefits of living in the country. It's also made it easy to accumulate (through donations, gifts, and purchases) way too much material, hence my quarterly "giveaways," of which the summer studio sweeps will be coming soon! And if you're ever in the area, and I am too, please come sew with me!

Carol G

How wonderful to have such a large studio. My sewing space seemed adequate in the beginning but now I can hardly move in there. I think we tend to fill our space, no matter what the size.


I've made that move before. It's lots of work but you are soo organized in the end. Well worth the effort.

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