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I'm glad to have a face to attach to your blog voice! Family photo is a bonus. I wish we had more time to spend in the Forbidden City when we were there. We were whisked through rather quickly--a race to the obligatory shopping!

Consult Robin

I found you!! What beautuful work Ali! You and the family look great! All this "getting around the system" Blog is awesome!

Rena Tucker

Lee gave me info to find blog. Great to feel like you aren't so far away. Pictures make me ready to schedule my trip. Mom

Tristan Benette

The best ever preserved Imperial Palace in China. Did you know that it is actually called the Purple City? It is just called "Forbidden City" 'coz no one is allowed to enter without special permission from the emperor. Anyway, exploring the 74-hectare palace would be very tiresome, and a walking cane would be very helpful for anyone to enjoy every corner of its history. =)

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